James Smith

James Smith

jecs@imperial.ac.uk (related to academia)
james.smith@djalbat.com (all other)

I am a mathematician and programmer, almost exclusively JavaScript these days. I have worked very briefly with temporal logics in the past, inventing a new one (this is nothing very clever, new logics are invented all the time) and proving that it is equivalent to some others. I also seem to have devised what appears to be the first correct concurrency control algorithm, at least going by one commonly held definition. These days I am working on a proof assistant called Occam, if that's not obvious.

For what it's worth I am a supporter of the Cost of Knowledge effort.


I've been working on the openmathematics.org site again. You can now make changes to package's readme files and publish them directly from the site. I'll enumerate the other two major changes:

  1. There is now some support for GitHub. Specifically, you can commit the aforementioned changes to readme files to a package's repository at the same time as publishing; you can edit and create issues; and you can do the same for comments on issues.
  2. There is support for LaTeX, which can be added to readme files, issues and comments.

The result is that the site now functions at least partially as a kind of maths enabled, GitHub overlay. You can compare the readme file of the 'minimal-propositional-logic' package across the two sites here and here to get an idea.

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Occam has its own dedicated page including a section on how you can get it running locally.



These are not fully peer-reviewed papers and should not be judged as such.



Last updated 31st July, 2018.