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James Smith

@Imperial College London

jecs@imperial.ac.uk (related to academia)
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I am a mathematician and programmer, almost exclusively JavaScript these days. I have worked very briefly with temporal logics in the past, inventing a new one (this is nothing very clever, new logics are invented all the time) and proving that it is equivalent to some others. I also seem to have devised what appears to be the first correct concurrency control algorithm, at least going by one commonly held definition. Presently there's quite a lot about that below. I'm also working on a proof assistant called Occam, if that's not obvious.

For what it's worth I am a supporter of the Cost of Knowledge effort.


Another pretty good week for Occam. The indexing is finished. Unfortunately, a fair few of the references are faulty because the statements that precede them aren't being parsed. Fixing this is next up, as the work on grammars is starting in earnest.

Quick update: I've finished my thinking about deriving the axiom of induction. As I've yet to update the Peano-Axioms repository, and because my answer to my own question on mathematics stack exchange gives what I hope is a decent explanation, I'm linking to it from here for now:

I've come to the conclusion that this stuff is pretty much all that is necessary and sufficient to explain the philosophy behind Occam. So I hope it makes sense!


These days there is a dedicated home page and here is a gorgeous screen shot.




These are not fully peer-reviewed papers and should not be judged as such.


For Occam's resources, see Occam's home page.


Last updated 5th June, 2017.