James Smith

James Smith

james.smith@openmathematics.org (related to academia)
james.smith@djalbat.com (all other)

I am a mathematician and programmer, mostly JavaScript these days. I have worked very briefly with temporal logics in the past, inventing a new one (this is nothing very clever, new logics are invented all the time) and proving that it is equivalent to some others. I also seem to have devised what appears to be the first correct concurrency control algorithm (at least going by one commonly held definition). These days I am working on a proof assistant called Occam, if that's not obvious.


I decided last year that I should get anything related to Occam's verification into the public domain. With this in mind I've released three new packages concerned with Occam's grammars and its document object model. Links can be found in the updated resources section.

Also, I'm afraid to say that Occam is currently unavailable for download. It has undergone a significant rewrite in the last few months, the aforementioned packages were part of this process, and it was just too much effort to keep it all together. It should emerge (phoenix like) from the ashes of the old Occam in the next month or so. I have at least updated the Occam site in a meantime and there is a link to it in the Occam section below.



Occam is currently unavailable, my apologies. There is a new site, however, which gives a taste of what is to come.






Last updated 4th February, 2019.