James Smith

James Smith

jecs@imperial.ac.uk (related to academia)
james.smith@djalbat.com (all other)

I am a mathematician and programmer, almost exclusively JavaScript these days. I have worked very briefly with temporal logics in the past, inventing a new one (this is nothing very clever, new logics are invented all the time) and proving that it is equivalent to some others. I also seem to have devised what appears to be the first correct concurrency control algorithm, at least going by one commonly held definition. These days I am working on a proof assistant called Occam, if that's not obvious.

For what it's worth I am a supporter of the Cost of Knowledge effort.


Work on Occam's dependency handling has stalled a little due to improvements that had to be made to the incremental lexer and parser, work which is ongoing.

Verification always seems a few weeks away...

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Occam has its own dedicated page including a section on how you can get it running locally.



These are not fully peer-reviewed papers and should not be judged as such.



Last updated 23rd March, 2018.