James Smith

In this update I am going to break with recent tradition and mention a project that I have actually finished.

I created Reaction the best part of ten years ago now as something of a homage to React. I have mostly seen it as something of a hobby or curiosity, however. In fact as a result of what I considered to be its shortcomings, I created Juxtapose to use for my front end projects instead. Nonetheless I have kept it maintained over the years and have even written enthusiastically about it at times, for example in the January 2022 update below. And as a result of the improvements mentioned therein, I rather sheepishly suggested that it was worth other people taking it seriously. I did not really mean it, though.

I have just implemented hooks for Reaction, however, and as a consequence have gotten excited about the project again. I think I say everything that needs to be said about hooks in the readme file, a link to which, along with links to the other Reaction projects, is immediately below:

In particular they have worked out pretty well in the Open Mathematics site, which is the only one of my sites that uses Reaction, albeit more by historical accident than design. It is now running a little more smoothly and will be easier to maintain going forward.







Last updated 12th June 2024