James Smith

I have recently added custom migrations to the following packages and therefore thought that it was about time that I mentioned them:

There is not much more to add here as the readme files say it all.

I should also mention of the following two packages:

I use the Necessary package in nearly all of my projects, the only exceptions being ones where I make a point of not having any dependencies at all. The Sufficient package on the other hand is only used in a few. Still, it provides controller functionality and an overall architecture to those projects in a few lines of code, contrasting with monolithic frameworks that often struggle to provide the same with tens of thousands. I wrote a little about this on the Juxtapose site here.

Update: I have recently been working on Murmuration again, adding a way to generate statements rather than relying on static SQL files. This has worked out surprisingly well and reminds me of the tine I moved over to programmatic styles from SASS, which I wrote about in an earlier update. I am also glad because Murmuration now seems to have a definite purpose. It seemed a bit rudderless before. Anyway, I could go on about it here, but it is probably best to just point you in the direction of the readme file again.








Last updated 18th June 2022