LogIC Seminar archives

The logic seminar is a weekly event on logic and the theoretical aspects of computer science.

24th September 2014
Logics for General Game Play
27th March 2014
Polyadic Inductive Logic and Spectrum Exchangeability
13th March 2014
Verification of Auctions as Artifact Systems: Decidability via Finite Abstraction
6th March 2014
Generalised Quantifiers in Vector Space Models of Natural Language
27th February 2014
Ontology-based data access with OWL 2 QL: Theory and practice
20th February 2014
Argument based practical reasoning in normative domains
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Former organisers include James Smith, Björn Lellmann, Andrew V. Jones, Nick Bezhanishvili, Dirk Pattinson, Rob Myers, Clemens Kupke and Daniel Wagner.

Last updated 19th April, 2015.